Extreme Akim is the accomplished lawyer and former prosecutor Akim Anastopoulo, known in the court over which he presides by the nickname Judge "Extreme Akim"

Judge Akim enters the Eye for an Eye tv show courtroom carrying his baseball bat of justice and used the bat as a gavel throughout the hearings.

The Judge is zany, outlandish, pays attention to detail and is notorious for his draconian punishments. Sentences handed down are referred to as "paybacks" and specifically tailored to fit the crime.

As examples of the rulings issued by Judge Akim, two women were ordered to catch a piglet wearing the subject of their dispute - a bridal bouquet; another (who claimed she was a vampire and bit a former friend) was ordered to get psychiatric treatment; a construction worker who harrased women was subjected to similar harrasment - by men; a clown who had shown up drunk to a children's party had custard pies planted on him by the children whose party he had ruined...

In addition, Judge Akim is not averse to having litegants arrested then and there when criminal acts come to light during a hearing, and arranging the reopening of cases when he discovers they had been won elsewhere by foul and unfair means.

Payback is filmed in all it's glory. Cameras frequently then go to other locations outside the courtroom to cover bailiff and Big Sugar Ray Phillips enforcing payback in accordance with the Judge's wishes, back in the courtroom.

At the end of each hearing, Extreme Akim says "Now THAT'S justice."

Finally, each show is wrapped up by Judge Akim with a little legal brief relating to one of the cases we had just witnessed.

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